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UnLtd Award 2021 for Social Entrepreneurs.

Application Deadline: June 30th 2021

Thousands of people work to improve their community and not just their bank balance. They act on a hunch. They start a social venture. And they tackle the problems they care about through a sustainable business model.

These are the people we support. Often they have first-hand experience of the problem they seek to solve. They want to create jobs, develop innovative products and services, and help others to live full lives.

To receive support, you will need to complete an application. Below, we have outlined the support you can receive dependent on whether you have an idea, are early stage, or are an established social venture looking to grow.


We can support you if you are:

  • Aged 16 and over
  • Living in the United Kingdom
  • Willing to participate in a learning experience
  • Working to benefit people living in the United Kingdom
  • Have a real social impact
  • Fulfil a clear need and demand
  • Have clear outputs and goals

Your ideas and ventures are not eligible if they:

  • Are part of your paid employment where you are an employee
  • Involve political or religious campaigning
  • Involve activities outside the law or against public policy, or anything that encourages ethnic, religious or commercial disharmony
  • Are mainly for the benefit of the social entrepreneur and/or others to achieve academic qualifications

Official Website: UnLtd Award 2021



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