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Sky/Netflix Screenwriters’ Fellowships 2021 for Black and Asian writers

Application Deadline: June 18th 2021

The Fellowship aims to increase the diversity of voices among new writers. It is a one year programme that provides training, mentoring and other support to Black and Asian writers and writers from other racial and ethnic backgrounds that are under-represented in the high end TV and film industry.  We’re looking for dedicated writers with an authentic and original voice in all scripted genres, so we’ll need to see an example of your work – this means submitting a script. A new talent initiative that will offer up to six successful applicants the opportunity for a year long programme of professional development.


  • You must be Black, Asian or from another racial or ethnic group that is under-represented in the high end TV and film industry in the UK.
  • You must be aged 18 or over when you submit your application. 
  • There is no upper age limit.
  • Whether or not you are British, you must live in the UK (including Northern Ireland).
  • You must not currently be represented by a literary or film & TV agent.
  • If you are chosen to join the Fellowship, you must be available to take part in the Fellowship for 12 months starting from 13 September 2021.


The Fellowship offer will include:

  • A bursary of £22,568 over 12 months to write a spec script for an original idea.
  • Paid placement in a writers’ room on a Netflix or Sky show, including the opportunity to write a shadow script and receive feedback on it.
  • Credit for writers’ room participation.
  • Production shadowing, details of which will be COVID-19 dependent.
  • Regular development workshops and events.
  • Allocation of an industry mentor.
  • Three mentoring meetings with Bisha K Ali over the course of the year; beginning, middle and end of programme.

This fellowship, for each writer, will include a bursary of £22,568 to write a spec script for an original idea over the course of a year, monthly development events and workshops, and a paid placement in a writers room of a Netflix or Sky series.

Application Procedure

  • a script for an episode of television (a standalone episode or the first episode of a series) or a film.  The script needs to be:
    • written by you (and not as part of a writing team);
    • in the English language;
    • at least 27 pages long and no longer than 90 pages;
    • in PDF format, typed in size 12 Courier font (or other easily legible font).  Preferably, the PDF should be no more than 15MB;
    • submitted via the application page, along with your completed application details.
  • To help us avoid bias when reviewing your script, please do not put any of your personal details (name, contact details) on your script.  Only the title of your script should appear on the front page.
  • You confirm that the script that you submit is your own original idea and does not include any materials owned by any third party or infringe any third party rights. You confirm that you have not granted rights to your script to anyone else, and it has not been professionally produced and is not in development. You also confirm that all elements of your submission comply with all applicable laws, and in particular are not obscene, defamatory, discriminatory, threatening, pornographic, libelous, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive and do not encourage any criminal activity.
  • Please note: we can only accept one script per applicant, and once you have submitted your script, you will not be able to make changes to it (so you won’t be able to submit newer drafts or submit corrected pages).

Official Website: Netflix Screenwriters’ Fellowships



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