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WiCyS Security Training Scholarship 2021/2022

Application Deadline: August 2nd 2021

In partnership with the SANS Institute, WiCyS is accepting applications for the Security Training Scholarship made possible by Google, Bloomberg and Facebook.

The WiCyS Security Training Scholarship made possible by Google, Bloomberg and Facebook is a multi-staged scholarship opportunity for WiCyS members. Those selected will participate in a reliable pathway to launch and advance in their cybersecurity careers through skills development. The focus of this scholarship is to award WiCyS members who are seeking cybersecurity employment within the next 1.5 years. The program is designed for students and/or career changers!

Build and leverage the power of community. During each stage of the scholarship, a cohort is established with mentors and peers to help guide and support recipients. This powerful network will be there through every step of the scholarship experience to lean in on. The collective strength of all involved is priceless. 

Stage 1: SANS Beginner-level CTF

August 6 at 11am CT to August 9 at 11am CT

All eligible applicants will be invited to participate in the SANS Beginner-level CTF. This beginner-level CTF is a fun and exciting way to practice cybersecurity skills in a friendly environment. This multi-disciplined Capture the Flag system has over 28 content packs and a variety of engaging challenges for participants to discover their strengths, while challenging their limits. If new to cybersecurity, Beginner-level CTF is a great place to start as it teaches while challenges are being solved with an integrated hint system.

At the end of Stage 1: 250 candidates will advance to Stage 2

Next Stage/Stage 2  Selection Criteria:

  • Application essay
  • Performance and Engagement in SANS Beginner-level CTF
  • Community engagement in cohort


July 8: Applications Open

July 8 at 1pm CT:  WEBINAR: WiCyS Security Training Scholarship: The GRIT and the GLORY. Register HERE

August 2: Applications Close

August 5: Notifications for Stage 1 Acceptance Distributed

August 6-9: SANS Beginner-level CTF

August 16: Notifications for Stage 2 Acceptance Distributed

August 23: CyberStart Game Starts

August 27 at 1pm CT: Welcome Webinar

October 10: CyberStart Game Ends

October 12: Notifications for Stage 3 Acceptance Distributed

October 13-18: Stage 4 Application and Assessment 

October 21: Notifications for Stage 4 Acceptance Distributed

October 25: SEC275/ SANS Foundations Begins

December 13: SEC275/SANS Foundations ends + GFACT

December 20: Stage 5 -First Course Begins

February 21: Stage 5 – First Course Ends

February 28: Stage 5 – Second Course Begins

April 25: Stage 5 – Second Course Ends

Official Website: WiCyS Security Training Scholarship 2021



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