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The 2021 TD Ready Challenge

The TD Ready Challenge is our annual North American initiative, which has $10 million CAD in grants available to organizations developing innovative, impactful and measurable solutions for a changing world. This signature program created by TD is a key component to delivering on the bank’s corporate citizenship platform, the TD Ready Commitment.

In its fourth year, to be as responsive as possible, non-profits and community organizations can apply for grants ranging from $375,000 CAD up to $1 million CAD for Canadian organizations or $325,000 USD to $1 million USD for US organizations.

Each year, the TD Ready Challenge invites eligible organizations to submit applications that offer solutions for a problem statement that is connected to one of the four drivers of change of the TD Ready CommitmentFinancial SecurityVibrant PlanetConnected Communities and Better Health. The 2021 TD Ready Challenge Problem Statement is focused on addressing predicted learning loss in math and reading for disproportionately impacted students in grades K-12 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The goal of the TD Ready Commitment has always been to help people feel confident about their future and help create opportunities to succeed in an ever-changing world. When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged as a public health crisis it quickly impacted nearly every aspect of our lives, creating unprecedented challenges for communities and making people feel less secure than ever before.

The pandemic has not just been a health crisis. It has also had deep and dramatic social and economic impacts on communities. In response to the health and safety measures put in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19, many schools in North America have been forced to temporarily close, or close and open on a sporadic basis, while simultaneously developing alternative ways of teaching. School systems were understandably overwhelmed and unequipped to respond when the pandemic emerged1. Research is predicting that students across North America will experience significant learning loss due to remote and virtual learning2. While there are numerous school subjects that are and will be challenged by this new learning environment, math and reading are of particular concern to teachers at this time3

Learning loss will not affect all students equally and a greater impact is being predicted for communities such as:

  • Students from low-income households
  • Students with limited access to internet
  • Indigenous and Racialized students1
  • Students with disabilities4

Research predicts that remote and virtual learning may increase learning loss among disproportionately impacted students, who include those who do not have consistent access in the home to:

  1. Technology and the internet;
  2. A private space to study;
  3. Tutors; and
  4. Teacher supervision.

While we are all hopeful that all students in North America will have an opportunity to return to in-person classes, learning has already been lost and innovative interventions will be needed to help students catch up and minimize future loss.

For more information kindly visit the official page of Ready challenge



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