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The Ibn Rushd Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Ibn Rushd Postdoctoral Fellowship Award is a highly competitive program that supports Saudi scholars who are exceptional PhD students or recent PhD graduates (within ±2 years of earning their PhD degrees) to pursue their postdoctoral research at globally recognized host institutions

The program offers a unique opportunity for selected scholars and provides initial funding leading to an independent academic career with a focus on research and higher education. Awards are up to 3 years with a generous annual stipend and subject to an annual performance review.

To apply for The Ibn Rushd Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, click here

The Ibn Rushd Professorship:

Outstanding Saudi researchers wishing to pursue a faculty career at KAUST are invited to apply to the Ibn Rush Professorship. The Ibn Rushd Professorship is a faculty position that is open to applicants at all ranks (Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Full Professor)

To apply for The Ibn Rushd Professorship, click here



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