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The British Council Scotland Pakistan Scholarship for Young Women and Girls

Application Deadline: 30 September 2021

The Scotland Pakistan Scholarship aims to provide underprivileged female school children at secondary level with scholarships (in kind) that will allow students to continue their schooling. 

The aim of the scheme is to ensure that children benefiting from the scholarships are able to complete the level of education they are enrolled in at the time the scholarships are being awarded, and to encourage households and families to send their children to school without any economic and/or financial pressure.


  • The scholarship scheme will be announced in selected partner organization and deserving students will be selected by a school committee.
  • This is deliverable based 3-year contract. 
  • A committee (Head Teacher, Head of organization/school and Parent) will be formed to select the students keeping the following selection criteria in mind;
  • Financial Need (Assessed by Head-teachers/Parent/Organization through the application)
  • The student should have a minimum of 50% marks in last academic year
  • All 100% scholarships are awarded to female students
  • Partners will be responsible to disseminating information regarding scholarship to parents and students. All marketing and communications materials must have the British Council and Scottish Government logos on them. All material will be reviewed by the British Council team before printing/publishing
  • Partners must ensure all potential candidates fill out and submit a duly filled student form. In case parents/guardians are unable to fill out the forms, school administration may do so on behalf of the students. These forms will be provided.  
  • At no stage should any cash be given to students and/or parents. The scheme is intended to cover tuition fee and in-kind support for students through the partner organization.
  • This scholarship will cover tuition fee, examination fee etc, and in-kind support to children such as uniform, bags, books, stationery and shoes. (if applicable)

Target Beneficiaries:Children (girls only) of school going age (Grade 8 -12) in specified areas.

  • 60% of funds for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • 20% minority
  • 20% disadvantaged

Scholarship Duration: One scholarship cycle is one-year/one academic period only. Applications of students are to be reviewed every year till 2024.

Schools:This scheme is for government schools or low-cost private schools only.

Low cost private schools (LCPS) are a segment which charge relatively low fees compared to other private schools.

How to apply

Please refer to the attached documents for details. To submit the responses & in case of any queries please write to us at

Official Website: Scotland Pakistan Scholarship



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