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Crowdfunding for Social Entrepreneurship Competition

Application Deadline: November 1st 2021

The International Renaissance Foundation is announcing a Crowdfunding for Social Entrepreneurship as part of the EU4USociety project in cooperation with the European Union.

The purpose of the competition is to strengthen existing social enterprises, promote social entrepreneurship and create a positive practice of attracting community funds by social enterprises.

The priorities of the competition are to raise community funds to support the creation of new or expansion of existing social enterprises.


for selection of applications at the first stage:

  • social component of the enterprise (clearly defined social problem to be solved by the enterprise; involvement of this problem in the cross-cutting thematic priorities of the Renaissance Foundation – human rights, inclusion, gender equality, environmental sustainability, European integration of Ukraine, access to quality education, civic education, counteraction corruption; outlined target audience (beneficiaries) of the project);
  • realism of business idea: sustainability of the enterprise (for current initiatives) or realism of the forecast of achievement by the enterprise of a certain level of profitability in the future;
  • project team capacity and financial feasibility (realistic collection of the stated amount through crowdfunding; reasonable and balanced budget expenditures).


The maximum amount that the Fund will co-finance under this initiative is  UAH 200,000.

Official Website: Crowdfunding for Social Entrepreneurship Competition



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