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IEMed Mediterranean Traineeship Program

Application Deadline: October 26, 2021

We strongly believe that young people drive ideas and are key to promote social change, innovation, dialogue and positive engagement of communities across the Euro-Mediterranean region, founded on a culture of mutual trust, tolerance, understanding and respect. Therefore, the purpose of our Mediterranean Traineeship Program is to empower, mentor and develop the future generations of leaders in sectors and areas that align with our mission by fostering their skills and capabilities and their understanding of trends and challenges in the region.

Continuous learning and development are the backbones of every personal and professional success. Our program is directed at young people passionate about Euro-Mediterranean relations, striving for excellence, and willing to broaden their knowledge and skills in their specific areas of competence. The program has two primary goals: to enable young graduates to put into practice knowledge acquired during studies in several areas of competence, including Euro-Mediterranean policies, the Arab world, gender, socio-economic and human development, culture and civil society, project management, communication, as well as to empower, mentor and equip young people with practical skills and experience of the day-to-day work of an organization working in the field of Euro-Mediterranean relations, helping youth to find their successful way on the labor market (or – thus ensuring their employment success).

Since 2010, over 90 young people from 10 countries have completed our program. Our alumni are making a transformational impacts nationally and internationally holding public offices, working at European institutions, producing knowledge in research institutes and think tanks, and mobilizing actors at civil society organizations and the private sector.


  1. A recent passport-size photograph with the forename and surname written on the back.
  2. Certified Photocopy of the Identity Card or passport.
  3. A document containing no less than two pages and no more than five pages in which the candidate explains the professional reasons, based on his/her knowledge, skills and interests, why he/she is applying for a training grant. If this document is not provided within the period allowed, the application shall be excluded from the call.
  4. A CV, enclosing with it all supporting documents that, in the applicant’s opinion, are appropriate. The supporting documents may be required a posteriori.
  5. Original or certified photocopy of the university degree or equivalent document of the academic record provided by the centre or institution where the candidate has studied.
  6. Certificate of the academic record or a copy of the academic record validated by the corresponding university, indicating, in both cases, the average weighted grade.
  7. Original or certified photocopy of the certificates indicating the candidate’s proficiency in English, French, Spanish and Catalan.
  8. A letter of reference, dated no earlier than one year prior to the application, supporting the candidate’s suitability for obtaining one of the training grants included in this call.
  9. Statement of not having been dismissed from the service of any of the public administrations
  10. Statement of not having received another grant of similar characteristics


10.800 € annually

Official Website: IEMed Mediterranean Traineeship Program



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