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Royal College of Surgeons Emerging Leaders

Application Deadline: 24 October 2021.

As a surgeon, there are a number of leadership opportunities available to you throughout your career. For many surgeons, however, imposter syndrome, fear of the unknown and other responsibilities can stop you from applying to roles that you have great potential to excel in. 

The Emerging Leaders programme aims to encourage women to become familiar with, and subsequently apply for, leadership roles within the surgical and healthcare profession.

Targeted at senior specialty trainees, senior SAS doctors and new consultants, the programme supports women whose environment means they are struggling to find their leadership style and voice. We provide opportunities and exposure that participants may not otherwise be able to access.We are looking for participants who demonstrate commitment to career aspirations, including:

  • Governance roles where they can influence strategy setting and planning, such as Council member at RCS England, a specialist association or professional body;
  • Clinical lead roles at RCS England, or clinical or educational governance responsibility in their employing trust, where they can lead clinical teams and direct patient care.


To be eligible for the Emerging Leaders Programme, you must:

  • identify as a woman;
  • be a new consultant, senior SAS grade or senior Specialty Trainee;
  • be a fellow or member of The Royal College of Surgeons of England.

You must also have the following experience, goals and outlook:

  • experience of managing situations and people, and be ready to move into leadership
  • some decision-making responsibilities, but limited experience of setting policy or strategy
  • leadership exposure such as:
    • supporting a surgical team in action
    • a tactical/supporting role in your employing trust, RCS England or a specialist association or professional body
    • running patient-focused activities such as clinical research or PPI (patient and public involvement activities)
    • taking overall responsibility for preventing and resolving issues around patient care

    Application Procedure

    You should be able to demonstrate:

    • an ambition to lead, with a sense of purpose and vision
    • a desire to identify leadership theories and apply leadership skills to develop your own inclusive and collaborative leadership style
    • self-awareness and an openness to professional and personal development, in line with the aspirations of the programme
    • a commitment to diversity, inclusion and collaboration

    We welcome applications from the diverse range of people who work in surgery and medicine, including those who work less than full time. We are also keen to achieve a spread of appointments across specialties and geographical regions.

    Official Website: Royal College of Surgeons Emerging Leaders



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