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Awareness Raising Initiatives for Social Enterprise (ARISE) Scheme 2021

Application Deadline: 20th October 2021.

Developing and promoting a wide understanding of social enterprise is a key priority of the National Social Enterprise Policy for Ireland 2019-2022, and the success of the Policy depends in large part on the success in communicating the message about what Social Enterprises are, with the public, amongst social enterprises and other businesses, and across the civil and public service.

This Awareness Raising Initiative for Social Enterprise will provide funding to increase awareness of social enterprises and their potential, in line with the Awareness Raising Strategy.

The scheme provides funding under two strands:

  • Strand One will be aimed at individual social enterprises. It is envisaged that they will tell their story and highlight how their social enterprise is improving people’s lives.
  • Strand Two will be aimed at Social Enterprise Network and Support organisations to deliver more general or sectoral messages on what social enterprises are, and their potential to deliver sustainable and inclusive development and recovery.


A Social Enterprise is an enterprise whose objective is to achieve a social, societal or environmental impact, rather than maximising profit for its owners or shareholders.

It pursues its objectives by trading on an ongoing basis through the provision of goods and/or services, and by reinvesting surpluses into achieving social objectives.  It is governed in a fully accountable and transparent manner and is independent of the public sector.  If dissolved, it should transfer its assets to another organization with a similar mission. 

Application Procedure

Successful projects will be selected by a panel established for that purpose comprising of representatives from the Department of Rural and Community Development and Pobal.

Preference will be given to proposals which are innovative and impactful and in line with the key messages of the Social Enterprise Awareness Raising Strategy. The value-for-money of each proposed project will also be considered. 

Further information may be sought by the Department to clarify aspects of the project proposal.

Applicants under Strand 1 will be required to confirm that their organization meets the definition of a social enterprise as set out in the National Policy.

Applicants under Strand 2 will be required to clearly identify the proposed project’s planned outcomes, indicators, and targets, and how these will be measured for their awareness-raising initiative.

Applications will be assessed and scored in accordance with the marking scheme set out below that reflect the ARISE Scheme’s aims, objectives, and other criteria. Applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria will not be assessed or marked.  Applicants must meet a minimum standard of at least 70% of the available marks in each category in order to be considered for selection.

Official Website: Awareness Raising Initiatives for Social Enterprise (ARISE) Scheme 2021



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