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Congregate Business Accelerator Program

Application Deadline: 10th Oct. 2021

Congregate is a business accelerator program powered by the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) and Moonbeam Exchange. The virtual 12-week program will deliver mentorship, curriculum, connections and funding opportunities designed to accelerate solutions that will enable the reopening of the Tourism, Performing Arts, Travel and Hospitality sectors in the Pacific Northwest. Startups will have an opportunity to work with a variety of stakeholders from business and government leaders to regulators to design relevant and scalable solutions.


Congregate makes extensive use of mentors to help our companies succeed. Generally, in the startup world, a mentor is a seasoned entrepreneur who has led a company to success. She is an experienced founder that can help a new founder know what to expect along the way. Congregate, being an enterprise-focused and challenge-driven accelerator, has traditional startup mentors, but we also have industry mentors. These are experienced buyers from our stakeholder community in the travel, tourism, hospitality, and performing arts industries. Industry mentors help cohort members understand how these industries work, how they manage acquisitions, and how this can influence a companies business and revenue model. Additionally, we have regulatory mentors that advise our cohort companies on how the government assesses public health risks so they can better prepare for COVID response-related uncertainty.


Congregate has teamed with a wide variety of industry stakeholders to define our industry challenges. Challenge sponsors are influential companies, organizations, and venues that have offered to work with selected cohort members on pilot projects. Challenge sponsors are actively looking for solutions that address the industry challenges, and have committed to both work with cohort members on their proof-of-concept, run a pilot in their facility, and if all goes well, offer their testimonial to help cohort members sell their solution to other similar organizations.

Official Website: Congregate Business Accelerator Program



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