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Marshall Memorial Fellowship

Application Deadline: November 11th, 2021.

The Marshall Memorial Fellowship is accepting applications from September 15 to November 11 for the program commencing in the fall of 2022. Successful candidates will be invited for an in-person interview in late winter/spring of 2022 in the regions from which they applied. We encourage all those interested to apply as soon as possible due to the length of the application process. 


GMF selects leaders from all professional backgrounds, including business, government, and civil society.

The Marshall Memorial Fellows (MMFs) are leaders with integrity and a strong commitment to diversity who align with causes greater than themselves. They recognize the reality of global interconnectedness and desire connectivity and collaboration. MMFs value personal experience and learn through exposure, dialogue, and reflection.

Application Procedure

GMF accepts applications from all U.S. federal states, Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as from the member states of the European Union, the United Kingdom, Norway, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, and Turkey. 

  • A profound sense of integrity
  • Between 7 and 15 years of leadership experience
  • A commitment to democracy and diversity across markers including profession, gender, race, and ethnicity
  • A desire to affect real and sustainable change through creativity and innovation
  • Proven ability to apply knowledge and leverage networks
  • An ability to become a steward of the transatlantic agenda

Official Website: Marshall Memorial Fellowship



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