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Open Call For Creative Producers Programme 2021 – 2022

Application Deadline: 1 November 2021

Creative Producers is a professional development opportunity for emerging producers in Wider Europe; Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Western Balkans. 

The programme will develop skills and capacity, build new networks and contribute to co-production and dissemination of professional and artistic good practices across the Wider Europe and the UK. 

The programme will consist of:

  • a two-week online programme to design a creative project and idea, clearly communicating what it is, practical delivery considerations around where, when and how it will happen and crucially who it is for,
  • partial financial support and mentoring to selected project ideas for implementation and dissemination

Please note that this is not a music industry production or a film industry production opportunity – though creative producers may work in both music and film. Creative producers are understood as the driving force in a creative project that sits at the meeting point of practical logistics and creative process in artistic and cultural events, exhibitions, festivals and projects.


We invite applications from emerging producers from all areas and disciplines of the cultural and creative industries.

Representatives of different genres and trends can take part in this programme: art managers and administrators of cultural venues, artists, curators, festival organisers, theatre critics and playwrights, directors, dancers, musicians and others with experience of organising cultural projects, and with the desire to develop professional skills in creative producing.

Applicants applying through eligibility must: 

  • Above 18 years old 
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in creating a new work from scratch 
  • Generate a project that relates to cultural and creative sectors 
  • Generate a unique project that will create a difference in the sector
  • Consider sustainability and dissemination strategy while generating the project
  • Consider engaging with the UK cultural sector
  • A feasible project idea to be realised between March and June 2022 with existing resources and potential Covid-19 restrictions 

Application Procedure

The programme will take place online and participants are required to:

  • Commit to all stages of the programme (see Key Dates below)
  • Have good command of English (level B2 on the CEFR scale) 
  • Participate in programme evaluation
  • Participate in interviews and/or blogs to share your experience of the programme
  • Credit the programme and partners in any future showing of project idea
  • Be open to collaboration and co-production with programme participants

Please note that the programme will be held in English and translation will not be available.

Official Website: Open Call For Creative Producers Programme 2021 – 2022



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