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Apply Now for myEUspace Competition 2021

Application Deadline:11/15/2021

The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), is organising the myEUspace competition aiming at encouraging EU entrepreneurship and business creation by promoting the development of innovative solutions, products or services based on Galileo, Copernicus and their synergies as well as synergies with other technologies.


• Participation in the contest is open to teams, composed by economic operators (including legal entities and natural persons). Participation in this prize contest is open on equal terms to teams composed by economic operators established in the territory of the Member States of the European Union and Switzerland and Norway.
• Economic operators referred to above are considered established in the EU / Switzerland / Norway when they are formed in accordance with the law of an EU Member State / Switzerland / Norway, and have their central administration / registered office / principal place of business in an EU Member State / Switzerland / Norway or they are nationals of one of the EU Member States / Switzerland /Norway (if natural persons). Natural person applicants must be at least of 18 years of age by the date of application submission.
• Each team must appoint a team coordinator to serve as the central contact point and represent the team towards EUSPA.


At the end of first and second step awarded teams will receive the following prizes:
• First step: Submission
o Track 1: The 23 best ideas, 4 per application area (with the exception of Dive in Quantum area in which up to 3 ideas will be selected), will receive a prize in amount of € 10,000 (ten thousand Euro) each to launch their prototype development.
o Track 2: The 20 best beta applications/prototypes, 4 per application area, will receive a prize in amount of € 15.000 (fifteen thousand Euro) each to complete the product development and achieve market entry.
• Second step: Development Phase
o Track 1: The 6 best projects, 1 per application area, will receive an additional prize in amount of € 25,000 (Twenty-five thousand Euro) each.
o Track 2: The 5 best projects, 1 per application area, will receive an additional prize in amount of € 50,000 (Fifty thousand Euro) each.

Application Procedure

The following criteria will be considered for the evaluation of the projects along the all steps of the contest:
• Innovation (0-5): How innovative and novel the approach is compared to existing technical solutions and commercial services? Is this kind of solution not yet available on the market or addressing a new application area? Is the application technologically advanced (e.g. using multi-frequency, innovative algorithms)?
• Market potential (0-5): Is there a potential market demand/customer base for this product/solution? What is the revenue potential? Does the solution address needs of regional markets or improve the offer available in regional markets?
• Feasibility (0-5): How feasible the solution is within the limits of current technology? What progress has been achieved in the application/idea since the start of the challenge in case the teams will be qualified to the development phase?
• EU Space-relevance (0-5): Is the application making use of Galileo and/or Copernicus? Are Galileo and/or Copernicus differentiators relevant for the application? Are synergies between Galileo-Copernicus data explored?
• Operational organisation (0-5): What are the operational resources (human, technical and other) that will be invested in the solution development?

Official Website: Apply Now for myEUspace Competition 2021



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