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Simons-NSBP Scholars Program 2022

The Center for Computational Astrophysics calls for applications for 2022 SNSP program that provides undergraduate NSBP members with summer research opportunities.

The Flatiron Institute announces a program that provides undergraduate NSBP members with summer research opportunities.

The Simons-NSBP Scholars Program (SNSP) is an exciting program that provides undergraduate NSBP members with unparalleled summer research opportunities. The program, which is a partnership between the Simons Foundation, Simons Observatory, and the National Society of Black Physicists, gives its Scholars a holistic experience and provides invaluable training for becoming a professional physicist.

Program Description

The SNSP has a number of components that are specifically designed to provide Scholars with the best experience possible.

  • Research: SNSP Scholars work on a wide range of projects that have included modeling gravitational waves in the early universe, developing sensors for measuring the Cosmic Microwave Background, and searching for new exoplanets. Each of these projects is at the cutting edge of its field, and our Scholars have been able to make valuable contributions to the projects on which they have worked. This year there will also be Quantum Physics, Biophysics, and Neuroscience projects.
  • Speaker Series: There are a number of black physicists working on exciting projects in a variety of areas. Every week of the SNSP, the Scholars hear from a new speaker about their work. The 2021 speaker series featured, among others, Derrick Pitts (Chief Astronomer at the Franklin Institute), Carol Scarlett (Professor of Physics, Florida A&M University) and Delilah Gates (Postdoctoral Scholar, Princeton University).
  • Professional Development: The SNSP has weekly programming to help Scholars advance their career. These workshops discuss topics ranging from graduate school applications to dealing with imposter syndrome.


The SNSP is open to undergraduate members of the National Society of Black Physicists. We especially encourage applications from (i) students entering the final year of undergraduate studies and/or (ii) students studying in non-graduate degree granting departments.

The 2022 SNSP will have the option for in-person or remote projects, as described below.

  • If in-person, scholars will work in New York City on projects with scientists at the Center for Computational Astrophysics, Center for Computational Biology, Center for Computational Quantum Physics, Center for Computational Neuroscience, or Simons Observatory.
  • If remote, scholars will work remotely with scientists from a number of institutions around the US and Canada. These Scholars will attend the Opening Ceremony in person and be involved in all programming.

The program will have all the components listed in the Program Description above. The specific details for 2022 will be provided when the program begins. The 2022 SNSP will kick off with an Opening Ceremony at the Simons Foundation in New York City. All Scholars (remote and in-person) will be flown to NYC for the ceremony and an intense five-day programming boot camp.


2022 Simons-NSBP Scholars will receive a generous stipend of $3,120 per month. Additionally, the housing expenses for those doing in-person projects will be covered (Scholars will stay in Simons Foundation housing). Finally, all travel and lodging expenses for the Opening Ceremony will be covered.

2022 SNSP Application

Applicants to the 2022 SNSP must submit the materials listed below. For full consideration, materials should be received by January 1; however applications will be considered until all positions are filled. The first item is completed via the link below, the final three should be sent in one email to

  • Complete the application form here. This form will ask for the contact information for two people that will submit letters of recommendation on your behalf.
  • Provide a personal statement stating why you are applying to the SNSP. This can be a statement about your interest in one area of the program (Astrophysics/Cosmology, Biology, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience), what being a Scholar would mean to you, how you feel the program would benefit you, or anything else that you feel is important for evaluating your application. The statement should be a maximum of one page.
  • Provide a current CV (or resume).
  • Provide current, unofficial transcripts for all universities you have attended.

Scholars will be notified of their selection in March.

Official Website: Simons-NSBP Scholars Program 2022



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