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The Cambridge Middle East and North Africa Forum (MENAF) Fellowships 2022 for post-graduate students.

Application Deadline: January 14, 2022

The Cambridge Middle East and North Africa Forum (MENAF) is looking for four part-time fellows in 2022. The position is open to qualified post-graduate students based in the United Kingdom, and is designed to enable talented, creative, and entrepreneurial researchers to contribute meaningfully to the Middle East policy discussion and to join the Forum’s unique and rapidly growing network.


Forum Fellows will work in collaboration with the Executive Committee, Advisory Board, Student Committee and Policy Network to:

  • Direct a team of researchers and responsibility for a research project by the Forum, to be published by the Forum and presented to key stakeholders in the United Kingdom and United States.
  • Work with two Research Associates and regional analysts to conduct research into matters arising in the MENA region.
  • Design and host a Seminar Series pertaining to their topic area and occasionally chair other events of the Forum.
  • Interact with key stakeholders including members of the Forum’s advisory board, members of parliament, and businesspeople.
  • Write at least ten articles for national and international media about subjects pertaining to their topic area.

Fellows will have an opportunity to work closely with prominent researchers and professionals in the Forum’s network, gain organisational and management skills, and tap into MENAF’s rapidly growing global network, in addition to contributing to the conceptual development of the Forum at an important stage of its growth.

Roles Offered:

  • Warfare and Security Fellow
  • Grand Strategy Fellow
  • Geoeconomics Fellow
  • Women and Security Fellow

A candidate has:

  • A degree in history, politics, international relations, Middle Eastern Studies, a Middle Eastern language, or a closely cognate discipline.
  • A postgraduate position at a university conducting post-doctoral research; a doctoral student; or a master’s student with three or more years of work/research experience.
  • At least a cumulative year of research experience with a think-tank, non-governmental organisation, a government organisation, the armed forces, or an academic institution.
  • A demonstrated interest in the area covered by the fellowship, as well as a demonstrated interest in the area covered by the fellowship.
  • Working proficiency (C1) in at least one Middle Eastern language. If selected for an interview, candidates’ reading and speaking abilities in the language are subject to testing.
  • Excellent research and writing skills in English.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset and a willingness to work independently.
  • An up-to-date knowledge of the politics and international relations of the MENA region as well as interesting, contrarian views about the region.
  • A good sense of humour and a willingness to work in a start-up atmosphere.
  • A commitment to the Forum’s Perspective and Mission.

Preference will be given to students at the University of Cambridge, but applications from other universities will certainly be granted consideration. 

An ideal candidate also has:

  • Working or living experience in the MENA region.
  • Specialist knowledge of a major country or sub-region of the MENA region.
  • A track record of publication in academic and non-academic publications.

Fellows will be sponsored by a £5,000 annual honorarium with the possibility of additional sponsorship and an end-of-year bonus for outstanding work.

Additional Benefits of the Fellowship Include:

  • Support for research from analysts and research associates.
  • Assistance with publication in leading academic and non-academic publications.
  • Exposure to the Forum’s international network of academics, diplomats, and policy practitioners.
  • Professional assistance and mentorship opportunities from preeminent scholars, experts, and veteran policy-practitioners in the Forum’s network.
  • The possibility of future employment with the Forum as a full-time employee.

Application Process

Apply by email before January 7 to exec@cmenaf.org with:

  • A CV (resumé)
  • A cover letter of up to one page
  • An academic writing sample.
  • Two academic or professional references.
  • Letters of recommendation are optional.

Applications will be reviewed by the Advisory Board and Executive Committee by January 14, 2022. Finalists will be invited to participate in a short video interview, and a final decision will be made by February 1.

Official Website: Cambridge Middle East and North Africa Forum (MENAF) 2022



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