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Lenovo Digital Transformation Grant for Women- or BIPOC-led SMEs

Application Deadline: 10 January 2022

Lenovo is providing $100,000 in funding through the Scale-Up Institute Toronto’s Recovery Activation Program (RAP) to support women- or BIPOC-led SMEs in their efforts to improve their digital maturity.

Lenovo digital transformation grants will be distributed to 10 inspiring women or BIPOC owned or led businesses which are able to demonstrate their small business’ equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives and who have completed one or more RAP program segments. Each SME will be awarded $10,000 to help unlock the potential of their business with digital transformations.

The Recovery Activation Program helps SMEs leverage technology to attract new customers, improve supply-chain efficiencies, virtually manage their workforce, streamline costs, and more. The Digital Needs Assessment (DNA) serves as the entry point to a comprehensive suite of no-cost RAP programming. RAP is delivered through two streams that require DNA completion: the Digital Blueprint Program and the Digital Certificate Program. The Scale-Up Institute Toronto also offers the RAP Webcast Series, available to all interested SMEs.

Following completion of a RAP stream, SMEs invest an average of $20,000 in digital transformation initiatives. The Lenovo Digital Transformation Grant will give women- or BIPOC-led SMEs a significant boost on their digital transformation journey by funding half of the average investment required.


  • Business at least 50% owned or led by women or BIPOC
  • Completed your Digital Needs Assessment (DNA) at wtctoronto.com/rap/
  • Completed at least one RAP stream (RAP Digital Blueprint and/or Digital Certificate) – complete your DNA and our team will be in touch with options to complete a RAP stream.

Application Procedure

Applications will be evaluated in two ways: whether the small business meets the minimum eligibility requirements and the quality of responses to three application questions.Next

Important dates

  • Application open: 8 November 2021
  • Webcast to learn more about Lenovo and the grant: 13 December 2021
  • Application close: 10 January 2022
  • Winners announced: 1st week of February 2022
  • End of grant period: 4 July 2022

Official Website: Lenovo Digital Transformation Grant for Women- or BIPOC-led SMEs



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