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Southwestern Ontario Francophone Tourism Revival Program 2020-22

Application Deadline: December 31, 2021

The Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO) is seeking applications for its Southwestern Ontario Francophone Tourism Revival Program 2020-22.

SÉO is a provincial network which, with its professional team, demonstrates innovation in economic development, entrepreneurship, employability and immigration. With the invaluable collaboration of its partners, the SÉO ensures the full participation of all players in the Francophone and bilingual economic community in the prosperity of Ontario and Canada. The global COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the decline of tourism activities in many communities in southwestern Ontario that depend on tourism.

In order to support an effective revival of this important sector for the Ontario economy, and counter the negative repercussions caused by the pandemic, the Francophone Tourism Recovery Program in Southwestern Ontario will provide a non-repayable contribution (grant) up to $ 20,000 to support the one-off costs of adapting and reopening Francophone tourism businesses and organizations located in southwestern Ontario, from North Toronto to Windsor to the West, and will be available until December 31, 2021 .


  • Are you an SME or an NPO in activity before January 1, 2020, in which at least 50% of the shares belong to Francophone entrepreneurs or communities and offering Francophone services?
  • Are you an SME or NPO  whose head office or main activity is located in the Southwestern Ontario region, excluding the greater Toronto area . Please check the county in which your business or organization is located.
  • Brant
  • Bruce
  • Chatam and Kent
  • Dufferin
  • Elgin
  • Essex
  • Gray
  • Haldimand
  • Halton
  • Hamilton
  • Huron
  • Lambton
  • Middlessex
  • Niagara
  • Norfolk
  • Oxford
  • Perth
  • Simcoe
  • Waterloo
  • Wellington
  • Are you a business or organization offering tourism products or services and whose income depends directly and primarily on this sector, including, but not limited to: tourist attraction sites, food and beverage services, retail businesses heavily dependent on tourist customers, accommodation and hospitality services, event and entertainment venues, cultural services, sports tourism, tour operator services, tourist experience venues and other types services that support the tourism sector?

Application Procedure

Submit your application

  1. Please read the Application Guide which explains how to complete the application, present  the incurred expenses or expected costs  of the project and what documents to attach.
  2. Download the form for submitting your request here before filling it out in full and sending it back by email ( PLEASE NOTE! DO NOT COMPLETE THE FORM DIRECTLY ONLINE but download it to complete it because your request will not be registered).

Official Website: Southwestern Ontario Francophone Tourism Revival Program 2020-22



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