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Y Combinator Summer 2022

Application Deadline: January 31st, 2022

Y Combinator is accepting applications from startups for the Summer 2022 funding cycle. It will take place from June–August 2022. The batch will be remote with optional in-person components depending on the pandemic.


  1. If you want to apply, please submit your application online by 8 pm PT on March 24. Startups that submit early have a small advantage because we have more time to read their applications. And you can submit after the deadline – though keep in mind that if you apply late, we can’t guarantee the exact date of when you’ll hear back from us with a decision.
  1. You must have at least 10% equity in the startup to be considered a founder by Y Combinator. Only founders can come to interviews if invited or attend batch events if accepted.
  2. We will be inviting teams to talk to us on a rolling basis. May 19 is the latest day you’ll know by if you applied by the deadline.
  3. Interviews will be held either in April, May, or early June.
  4. This batch of Y Combinator will be remote due to COVID-19. It will be the same as every other batch, except that everything – office hours, batch events, Demo Day – is remote. We’ve worked hard to ensure we can provide the same or better networking, advice, and fundraising help that we always do. For more information on this, please read our FAQs
  5. During the 3 month cycle we invite speakers every week to talk about their startup and what they learned.
  6. Every week or two, you’ll have group office hours, where you’ll talk with 5-8 companies and your YC partners for an hour. These group office hours are a chance to get to know companies in your batch that are going through similar things and to help each other.
  7. During and after the 3 months we introduce startups individually to people who could help them. The founders of other YC-funded companies tend to be especially helpful. Today the YC alumni network is probably the most powerful network in the startup world.
  8. About 11 weeks in, we organize an event called Demo Day at which the startups present to a carefully selected, invite-only audience.
  9. YC doesn’t really end after 3 months; only the talks do. We continue to give advice and make introductions as long as our startups need—-and so does the informal network of YC-funded companies.

Official Website: Y Combinator Summer 2022



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