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ICFJ’s News Corp Media Fellowship 2024 for Young Journalists.

Application Deadline: March 24, 2023 at 11.59 pm EST.

In collaboration with News Corp and The Wall Street Journal, ICFJ is offering journalists from around the world an opportunity to sharpen their digital journalism skills, as well as support to develop data- and/or digitally-driven projects.

The News Corp Media Fellowship program includes digital innovation training, grant funding and exclusive, virtual newsroom placement with WSJ. It builds on previous iterations of the Fellowship, which  since 2014 has offered journalists an immersive experience in some of the world’s most digitally advanced newsrooms.

How to Apply for the Fellowship

To be considered for the fellowship, journalists must:

1. Participate in two half-day webinars conducted by editors and reporters with expertise in digital tools, data journalism and visualization, artificial intelligence, mobile journalism and audience engagement. Webinars will be open to a select group of up to 50 journalists. Both webinars will occur in April.

2. Receive one of five news innovation grants to support a data or digitally-driven project. Only journalists who participate in both webinars are eligible to apply for these grants. Projects should promote new forms of storytelling, data journalism and visualization, or citizen engagement. Each grant recipient will also receive online editorial coaching and mentorship from experienced editors, reporters and experts.

Fellowship Details

During the fellowship, the journalist will be embedded for two months (September 15 – November 15) with WSJ. 25 days of the fellowship will be in-person in the WSJ’s New York City office. 

The selected News Corp Media Fellow will have the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to WSJ projects on analyzing audience engagement
  • Lead peer-to-peer discussions
  • Promote an exchange of ideas and knowledge 
  • Establish new partnerships and relationships with WSJ teams

Ideal Fellowships

 The ideal fellow will be one who:

  • Has worked in a newsroom as a reporter
  • Is currently working in a newsroom
  • Has a strong news sense and curiosity 
  • Demonstrates strong collaborative skills 
  • Has an interest in audience engagement and building community
  • Is digitally savvy but wants to expand on skills like digital strategy and project management 
  • Comes with ideas for several projects to work on during the fellowship

More Info: ICFJ’s News Corp Media Fellowship 2024



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