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 OpenAI Chat for Impact: GenAI Accelerator Program 2024

Application Deadline: 31st of March ’24

The first Chat for Impact: GenAI Accelerator will amplify the impact of ten organizations, assisting them in creating and implementing innovative LLM-powered chat solutions in the fields of education, healthcare, and economic mobility.

This 8-week program is designed to explore and harness the potential of Generative AI, utilizing GenAI techniques to expedite the design, testing, launch, and secure scaling of AI-supported chat solutions.

Throughout the program, participants will engage in weekly lessons encompassing topics such as crafting impactful AI-supported chat services with LLMs, ensuring AI safety and equity, measuring and evaluating impact, scaling solutions, and addressing technical considerations.

The GenAI accelerator will culminate in a Demo Day where the cohort will present their AI-supported chat solutions to the wider Chat for Impact Community and potential investors, showcasing the outcome of their innovation and efforts.


looking for impact-driven organizations working in health, education and economic mobility with a well-defined theory of change or business case.

Organizations should be committed to leveraging AI to support a secure, private and personalized chat service.

They should demonstrate a strong commitment to building real-world applications and possess the organizational capacity to engage in the accelerator program and sustain the service long-term.

Candidates for the program need to have existing digital services in production (not necessarily AI-powered).


Selected organizations in the program will have access to:

  • Grant funding to the value of $ 35,000 with a further $ 50,000 each for the top three best-performing organizations.
  • Access to a share of $ 500,000 in OpenAI API credits
  • Technical, strategic and governance support from expert advisors at OpenAI and
  • Mentorship & guidance as they build their AI-enabled chat service
  • Peer learning opportunities from the broader Chat for Impact Accelerator Alumni
  • Post-program support to sustain and grow momentum
  • software license for six months valued at $ 3,000

Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be of importance:

Proven track record in scaling social impact solutions.

Business Case / Theory of Change for how AI chat solutions will drive positive change.

Working in the Education, Health or Economic Mobility sectors.

Willingness to use WhatsApp for their chat service.

Organisational Capacity to develop and manage the chat service.

Business strategy for sustaining impact after the accelerator.

Has an existing digital service or has prior experience in digital services (AI not required).

More Info:  Chat for Impact: GenAI Accelerator Program



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