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The Leaders Of Tomorrow (LOT) Online Exchange Program for International Youth

Application Deadline: 10th of May, 2024.

Leaders Of Tomorrow (LOT), is an online exchange program for international youth between 14-17 (Teenager’s Application) & 18-24 (Young Adults). The program’s main theme for 2024 is (Peace). The program activities are going to be:- dialogue sessions, video calls, online workshops.

Participants will be learning about cultural diversity, differences among other participants and accepting different mentalities. The program will enhance mutual understanding between youth Internationally by participating in the program activities which will put the participants out of their comfort zone and understand the other countries’ cultures, traditions, language and solving conflicts.

The purpose is to build mutual understanding and cooperation, improving problem-solving skills and critical thinking and elevate young awareness into making peace leaders and ambassadors.


Applicants must:-

  • Have proficiency in English in speaking, writing, and listening.
  • Be 14-17 (Teenagers) & 18-24 (Young Adults)
  • Country Eligibility: International
  • Constant access to the internet during the week. 
  • Can devote about 4-5 hours each week to the program.
  • Applicants are NOT eligible to apply if they have already participated in any exchange programs before or if they will be participating in any exchange program in summer 2024.

More Info: The Leaders Of Tomorrow (LOT) Online Exchange Program



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