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Global Press Reporting Certificate in Narrative Change Techniques for women and non-binary storytellers

Application Deadline: April 4, 2024

This month-long program will bring together 100 women and non-binary storytellers from across Africa. Together you will learn new techniques, collaborate and connect with members of your cohort and work with Global Press trainers and coaches. During this unique and practical program, participants will produce an original piece of journalism and will have the opportunity to place that story with partner news outlets and Global Press Journal. Participants will be expected to spend a minimum and 8 hours/week in the program and will receive and internet and communications stipend at the start and mid-point of the program.


To be a successful applicant, you must:

  1. Be a woman or non-binary storyteller over the age of 18. There is no maximum age limit.
  2. Be fluent in English. (Note, this training program will be offered entirely in English and English language proficiency is required. Future programs will be offered in additional languages.)
  3. Be from and currently living in Africa.
  4. Have at least 18 months of experience as a storyteller, which includes:
    • Formal or informal experience as a reporter
    • Formal or informal experience in multimedia journalism (for example: radio, podcasting, photojournalism, video, etc.)
  5. Be able to commit to completing the four-week program. Please note,
    • We estimate participants will spend approximately 8-12 hours over the course of the four weeks to complete online course work and approximately 60-80 additional hours over the four weeks to develop your story to final draft.
  6. Have or be able to obtain a computer with reliable internet connection for the duration of the certificate program.
  7. Produce final stories in .docx, .jpg, .mp3, or .mp4 formats.
  8. Be open to learning a different way of thinking and to having your previous assumptions or practices questioned.
  9. Be passionate about finding and telling powerful stories from your community.

What would I receive if I am accepted?

  • Access to the full four-week online program in reporting skills for narrative change.
  • One optional 30-minute session with a story consultant during the four-week period.
  • A one-time communications and internet stipend of $200 USD at the start of the program.

What would I receive if I successfully complete the program?

  • A second payment of $200 USD for program completion
  • A certificate of completion from Global Press Institute
  • A badge to add to your professional networking profile (i.e., LinkedIn)
  • An opportunity to opt-in to join our network of publishing partners
  • A chance to be considered for post-program employment opportunities with Global Press

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Global Press Reporting Certificate in Narrative Change Techniques



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