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EU4Ocean 2024 Challenge: Be a Blue Citizen: Ocean, Citizenship, and Democracy. 

Application Deadline: June 5, 2024

The EU4Ocean coalition annually selects a Challenge of the Year to promote Ocean Literacy in the EU. This challenge is accompanied by a Call for collective action, offering financial support to selected proposals meeting specified criteria. 

The 2024 Challenge of the Year is “Be a Blue Citizen: Ocean, Citizenship, and Democracy”. This year’s Challenge aims at connecting the responsibility and action-oriented component of ocean literacy with our citizens’ roles and
responsibilities within the democratic process which delivers the policy and regulatory framework the ocean requires to deliver a healthy, resilient and sustainable ocean. 

The 2024 challenge of the year provides a specific (citizenship) flavour to the wider #MakeEUBlue slogan of the EU4Ocean coalition. Similar to citizenship and democracy, ocean literacy is about us getting mobilized and empowered within a long-term and political perspective that can deliver the role the EU needs to take for protecting and managing the ocean sustainably.


  • The requested financial support by the EU4Ocean coalition is 40 000 € maximum. 
  • Overall, it is expected that 3 high-quality and impact-full projects are selected and funded every year. 


The Call for Collective Actions is accessible to all members (individuals and organizations) of the different EU4Ocean communities (the EU4Ocean Platform, the Youth4Ocean Forum, and the European Network of Blue Schools). Individuals and organizations that wish to join the Coalition can participate as partners of proposals.

Proposals must: 

  • Focus on the yearly challenge with a European perspective and tangible impacts
  • Be executed within a maximum 12-months period
  • Be submitted in English, including all requited documents;
  • Be complete, with all mandatory fields and technical and financial proposals included. 

Selection criteria

Proposals will be assessed based on their relevance to the 2024 challenge and alignment with EU4Ocean principles, including:

  • Promoting social learning and critical thinking for sustainable marine ecosystem management;
  • Ensuring high sustainability and potential for replication across Europe;
  • Addressing EU marine challenges and contributing to European Green Deal objectives and SDGs;
  • Fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders for greater impact;
  • Demonstrating innovation in enhancing ocean literacy and citizenship;
  • Maintaining scientific quality and coherence through interaction with relevant stakeholders.

Submission Procedure:

A complete application must present the following documents:

  • The application form duly filled, highlighting in particular how the proposal responds to the 2024 Challenge of the Year and addresses the main principles highlighted above;
  • Including: (1) a 6-page pdf document presenting the project’s objectivesactivities and partnerships; (2) an excel file presenting the project budget (available in the application form).

More Info: EU4Ocean 2024 Challenge



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