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The Eisner Prize Fellowship 2024/2025 for emerging leaders.

Application Deadline: May 22, 2024, 

The Eisner Prize Fellowship is a new program designed to support leaders pioneering innovations in intergenerational connection.

Since 2011, the Eisner Foundation has awarded the Eisner Prize to honor people and organizations doing exceptional intergenerational work across the country. In this next phase in the evolution of the Eisner Prize, The Eisner Foundation is providing financial resources, networking opportunities, and the prestige of the Eisner Prize to leaders with new ideas and perspectives that will propel the field forward.


  • The Eisner Prize Fellows application is open to anyone working to innovate in the area of intergenerational connection – whether that be through research, programs, technology, or other efforts advancing the field.
  • Young people, people of color, and those working with historically marginalized communities are particularly encouraged to apply.


  • Individuals can apply regardless of affiliation. Students, people working in nonprofits, government, or for-profits, or people unaffiliated with any of these are welcome to apply.
  • Please note that the fellowship is for individuals and not intended to serve as a grantmaking program for nonprofits, so while nonprofit staff may apply and execute their project under the umbrella of their organization, the project proposed should be something new, envisioned and executed by the Fellow.
  • Co-leadership teams can apply, but please note that the application is set up for individuals, so applicant teams will have to select one person as the main contact.
  • The award funds would remain the same for each Fellowship, even if it’s awarded to a team. 


  • For the 2024-25 cycle, Eisner Prize Fellowships will be awarded to 3-5 leaders in the intergenerational space, and each Fellow will receive a total of $50,000: a $10,000 stipend, and $40,000 to be used toward their particular intergenerational initiative.


  • The fellowship includes $50,000: $10,000 to the Fellow, and $40,000 to use to execute their project. The $10,000 is a stipend and can be used by the Fellow in any way they wish. For those working with an organization, this stipend should be disbursed in addition to the Fellow’s salary, not in partial replacement of it. The $40,000 should be used for project execution of new, defined intergenerational projects, and should not include overhead costs. 

More Info: Eisner Prize Fellowship



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