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European Women’s Lobby (EWL) AGORA Summer Camp 2024 for young Feminists.

Application Deadline: 16 May 2024 midnight CET.

Applications are open for the 2024 European Women’s Lobby (EWL) AGORA Summer Camp.  The AGORA is an EWL programme that brings young feminists from all over Europe to Brussels for a 5-day gathering to discuss and explore feminism and learn from each other. The next AGORA will take place from 9-13 September 2024 and we are now looking for candidates to take part.


  • The programme is open to young women aged between 18 and 30 (at the time of the AGORA) who are keen to connect with other young feminists.
  • Through a 5-day participatory summer camp, EWL aim to create a space for young women to exchange, bridge gaps, inspire and be inspired, strengthen connections, reinforce skills and hear the voices of other young feminists.
  • The objective is to empower young women feminists in Europe to be activist leaders in a changing world by giving them a space to share experience, knowledge and ideas.

Selection Criteria

  • Are you a feminist woman between 18 and 30 years old (at the time of the camp)?
  • Do you have experience in activism related to gender equality/women’s rights?
  • Do you currently live in the European Union?
  • Do you have a good level of English (B2)?
  • Are you committed to Women’s Rights and Gender Equality? Are you interested in strengthening your knowledge and skills to advocate for women’s rights and gender equality and against violence against women?
  • Are you committed to use the Agora learning experience in your future work?
  • Are you motivated to connect, share and build bridges with other young feminists?
  • Are you keen to connect with a diverse group of young feminists from across Europe?
  • Are you keen to find out what young feminists are doing to fight inequality across Europe, and how you could work together?
  • Are you keen to engage in highly participatory learning processes and willing to learn more about yourself, your talents and your work in this world?
  • Do you want to be part of shaping future feminist strategies and campaigns in Europe? ✓Do you agree with the values and mission of the European Women’s Lobby?

Financial Contribution:

  • The EWL covers program costs, including travel, accommodation, and meals in Brussels. Participants organize their travel to and from Brussels, with reimbursement based on EU guidelines. As a result, some participants might be required to cover a portion of their travel costs. EWL will not exclude anyone on the basis of their ability to pay. If you are selected, we will provide more information about how to apply for reimbursements.
  • Venue details:
  • – Efforts will be made to ensure inclusivity and accessibility at all venues, with proactive communication and accommodation for participants who require additional support throughout the entire program.

How to Apply

Apply online using this form by 16 May 2024 midnight CET.

In this application, we welcome you to share your commitment to feminist activism and women’s rights, along with relevant experiences.

For any questions, please contact Caitlin Raph at raph@womenlobby.org.

More Info: European Women’s Lobby (EWL) AGORA Summer Camp



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