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PRIMA Woman Greening Food Systems Award 2024

Application Deadline: June 7th (17.00 CET)

The aim of the new Award launched by PRIMA is to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of women in promoting sustainable and resilient food systems. Its goal is to spotlight the accomplishments of women who have played a pivotal role in advancing positive change within the food and agriculture sector in the Mediterranean Region.

Two winners will be rewarded for this year’s award, and will be invited by PRIMA to share their testimonies.

With this award, the PRIMA aims to champion significant strides led by women in driving positive change within the food and agriculture sector in the Mediterranean Region.


Applicants must:

  • demonstrate innovative solutions for greening food systems, emphasizing practices led by women in the Mediterranean region, focusing on environmental sustainability, biodiversity conservation, and resource efficiency in agriculture, food production, and waste reduction.
  • They should provide evidence of impactful implementation, showcasing measurable improvements in sustainability, resilience, and inclusivity within the food and agriculture sector, such as reductions in carbon emissions, improvements in soil health, increased biodiversity, and enhanced food security and nutrition outcomes.
  • Applicants must demonstrate women’s empowerment for green food systems, including active engagement of local communities and stakeholders in decision-making processes, equitable access to resources, capacity-building opportunities, and promotion of leadership roles for women and marginalized groups.


10.000€ (cash prize) for 2 winners, each.

Type of Action: PRIZE


Application period
: March 8th – June 7th (17.00 CET) – (Rules of Contest + Templates available).

Submission period: May 7th – June 7th (17.00 CET)

Kindly note that the submission platform will open on May 7th. We encourage you to review the documents available from March 8th and prepare your application ahead of the submission period.

Selection process with the Jury : Summer 2024

Ceremony: Last quarter of 2024

More Info: PRIMA Woman Greening Food Systems Award



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