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Google for Startups AI Academy: American Infrastructure for high-potential startups.

Application Deadline: June 17, 2024

Google for Startups AI Academy: American Infrastructure is a three-month program designed to support high-potential startups leveraging AI to improve public works and foundational systems across the US. While the majority of the program will take place virtually, founders will have the opportunity to connect during one in-person event.

The program will include a curriculum developed and delivered by Google’s People + AI Research (PAIR) team, as well as AI and product leaders from across the company. In addition, startups will receive parallel training on advanced sales skills and go-to-market strategies that will be available to founders or their sales leaders.

Startups will receive dedicated mentorship from experts across Google, access to the latest Google AI tools, and invaluable insights and connections. AI Academy: American Infrastructure provides a structured path for startups to refine their trajectory, gain market share, and achieve sustainable and responsible scalability.

Eligibility Requirements

  • At least one technical and one U.S.-based cofounder required.
  • Building with or leveraging AI in their product or operations.
  • Have at least six months of runway.
  • Post-revenue or strong demonstration of traction.
  • Must be part of an industry that supports American infrastructure, such as (but not limited to):
  • Agriculture
  • Broadband
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Public safety
  • Smart cities
  • Smart manufacturing and logistics
  • Transportation
  • Water management
  • Workforce development



Equity-free support.

AI expert mentoring

Get connected to AI experts from Google and industry leaders who can get you up to speed on everything AI.

Responsible AI training

The People + AI Research (PAIR) team at Google will bring the latest in human-centered design and responsible AI development.]

Google product support and advice

Learn product tips and tricks directly from the Googlers who built them.

Global connections

Become a part of Google for Startups’ global alumni network with founders from over 135 countries.

Google Cloud Innovators Plus program

Founders will have access to Google Cloud credits, and over 700 hands-on labs, skill badges, and courses.

More Info: Google for Startups AI Academy: American Infrastructure



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