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ISETS-ESCAP Youth Voice Competition 2024

Application Deadline: 15 September, 2024

Applications are now open for the 2024 ISETS-ESCAP Youth Voice Competition. The International Society for Energy Transition Studies (ISETS), in partnership with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), proudly announces the annual Youth Voice on Energy Transition Program. This initiative aligns with the UN Secretary-General’s commitment to engaging youth in discussions on critical global issues, including the transition to sustainable energy. Recognizing the significant potential for young individuals to serve as vital agents of change, the Program aims to harness their dynamism, creativity, and innovation to advance the global quest for a sustainable energy future.

The Program comprises two principal components: the Global Competition of Youth Voice on the Energy Transition (hereafter Youth Voice Competition) and the Youth Dialogue. The Youth Voice Competition invites youth worldwide to present their innovative ideas, technologies, products, projects, and solutions aimed at advancing the energy transition. Winners of the competition will be invited to participate in the Youth Dialogue at ESCAP headquarters, alongside energy-related meetings and events each year.

This arrangement provides a unique platform for youth to engage directly in discussions, observe official UN energy events, and enter into dialogues with officials and policymakers. Going beyond merely engaging young voices, this groundbreaking program seeks to empower them to become part of the global dialogue on energy transition.

The ISETS-ESCAP Global Competition of Youth Voice on the Energy Transition is structured around several core objectives: amplifying youth voices in support of energy transition and green development, fostering actions by young people from diverse backgrounds to engage in the just energy transition, encouraging creativity in the development of new technologies and solutions for energy transition, and facilitating collaboration across borders to combat climate change.

Submission Guide

  1. Inclusivity and Accessibility: Participation in the competition and dialogue is free, with efforts made to ensure diversity, inclusiveness, and broad representation.
  2. Language Requirement: All submissions must be in English to ensure uniformity and accessibility in this international competition.
  1. Entry Submission: Participating teams are required to submit their entries using the provided template, addressing each of the selection criteria outlined within it. They may also attach detailed information as needed. All materials must be consolidated into a single PDF file. Submissions that do not adhere to the provided template will be disqualified.
  2. Registration and Submission: To participate, the corresponding members must first register on the ISETS website and submit the entries through the ISETS website (
  3. Video Presentations: For participants invited to submit videos, please ensure your video is in English and includes captions. Your video should contain complete content, a clear structure, and self-consistent logic. The submission guide will be announced in the invitation letter.
  4. Rights for Use and Publicity: By submitting entries for the competition, including written documents, videos, and other media, participants grant ISETS and other organizing bodies the right to non-commercial use and the publicity of the entries. [Included as a declaration in the Template]
  5. Content Guidelines: Entries must not contain pornography, violence, or engage in religious, racial, and regional discrimination. Submissions must comply with relevant laws and regulations. Originality is required, and plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Videos should not contain advertisements, watermarks, or logos. All entries must adhere to copyright laws and ensure no intellectual property disputes.
  6. Participant Information: When submitting entries in the first stage, all group members must accurately provide their dates of birth according to the template instructions. Groups will be disqualified from advancing and from prize eligibility if any participant is found not to meet the age requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

The Competition invites young thinkers and doers from UN Member States to contribute their ideas towards accelerating the global energy transition. It is open to youth aged 18-30, with dates of birth ranging from January 1, 1994, to December 31, 2006, for the 2024 competition year.

  • Individuals or Small Groups: Participants can enter the competition as individuals or in small groups, with a maximum group size of four (4) people.
  • Supervisor/Mentor Involvement: Teams may nominate a supervisor or mentor who has offered substantial guidance and support throughout the competition process. It’s important to note that mentors are NOT classified as a team member; therefore, they are not subject to age restrictions.


  • 30 April: Registration opens for the ISETS-ESCAP Youth Voice Competition.
  • 15 July: Deadline for the preliminary
  • 15 August: Announcement of the division semi-finalists and information for video submission.
  • 15 September: Deadline for video submissions.
  • 30 September: Announcement of the shortlist for semi-final presentations.
  • 15 October: Announcement of division results.
  • 2-3 November: Global competition presentations (hybrid) and assessment during the 2nd ISETS International Conference in Nanjing, China.
  • 2-4 December: Participation in the ISETS-ESCAP Youth Dialogue, which will be held during the International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand.

More Info: ISETS-ESCAP Youth Voice Competition



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