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FastTrack Innovation Scale Fund Accelerator (FIS-Fund Accelerator)

Application Deadline: May 31st, 2024. 11:59 WAT.

The FastTrack Innovation Scale Fund Accelerator (FIS-Fund Accelerator) presents an unparalleled opportunity to revolutionize foundational learning in Nigeria and Africa, particularly for low-income, out-of-school children and refugee migrants. Africa hosts over 14.2 million refugee learners lacking access to quality foundational learning. Traditional methods often fail to meet their diverse linguistic and educational needs. FastTrack’s dual-language approach, combining mother tongue instruction with official languages, ensures effective learning outcomes. By incrementally addressing literacy and numeracy proficiency, FastTrack empowers learners to transition into formal schooling.

Are you:

  1. A youth-led Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs) with a focus on foundational literacy and numeracy education.
  2. An organisation physically based with active engagements in the North West, North East and North Central States in Nigeria; (FCT, Adamawa, Benue, Borno, Jigawa, Kano, Nasarawa, Niger, Yobe and Zamfara).


  1. Cohort Selection: Identify and select participating organizations and anchor challenges in foundational learning (Month 1).
  2. Capacity Building Workshops: Conduct capacity building workshops on product development, evaluation methodologies, and scaling strategies (Months 2-3).
  3. Solution Development: Participating organizations develop and refine FLN solutions based on anchor challenges and mentor feedback (Months 3-4).
  4. Pilot Implementation: Pilot FLN solutions in target communities and conduct initial evaluations to assess impact (Month 4-10).
  5. Evaluation and Iteration: Evaluate pilot outcomes, iterate on solutions, and scale successful interventions to reach more learners (Month 10-12).
  6. Showcase Events: Organize showcase events to highlight the impact, share best practices, and attract additional support for scaling (Month 12).

    More Info: FastTrack Innovation Scale Fund Accelerator (FIS-Fund Accelerator)


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